Governor Beshear Wednesday reported the highest one day count for coronavirus cases since the pandemic struck in March. 

Even with 1,163 cases announced at the daily briefing, the governor still believes mask wearing and limiting social gatherings are helping to prevent a stair step trajectory. “While I believe the facial coverings and other steps are working, again it doesn’t mean it’s makes things safe overnight, it doesn’t.  Right now we have so much of this virus out there and spreading,” said Beshear.


Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton says the reduction of the inmate population over time at the Fayette County jail may help reduce the spread of a current outbreak there.  The mayor gave a COVID-19 update this Wednesday afternoon. 

Gorton said 60 inmates had tested positive as of Wednesday. “We have the space to medically isolate the positives and we have the space to spread out those in quarantine who were exposed or potentially exposed,” said Gorton.

1,163 Coronavirus Cases Reported in Kentucky Wednesday

11 hours ago

During Wednesday's coronavirus update Governor Andy Beshear announced the highest number of positive cases since the pandemic began. The governor announced 1,163 positive cases, bringing the total number to 36,945.

Gov. Beshear says Wednesday's case number includes positive cases that were not reported previously due to a software glitch.

Gov. Beshear also announced 7 new deaths on Wednesday, bringing that total to 790.

You can watch the full update from Governor Beshear below.


The Lexington city council is working to determine how best to spend federal coronavirus relief funding.  The city is eligible for up to $25 million in CARES ACT money. 

Stu Johnson

The Lexington city council’s discussion Tuesday about efforts to re-name Cheapside Park included racist remarks from callers during a public comment period. 

This is the second time this summer where offensive remarks were made during a virtual meeting.  After a second such call yesterday, Council Member James Brown asked Mayor Linda Gorton to stop taking public comments for that specific meeting. “If we don’t have a way of screening folks and making sure that they’re legitimate comments and concerns, I don’t think we should hear any more comments,” said Brown.

Angela Hsieh/NPR

Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that California Senator Kamala Harris would be his vice presidential running mate. They are giving remarks together on Wednesday afternoon. Watch live here, today at 4:30.

As stressful as it always is for students applying to college, this year it's all that — and then some — for the admissions officials trying to decide whether to admit them. Because of the pandemic, many students will be applying without standardized test scores and several other metrics admissions officers at selective schools have long relied on, leaving colleges scrambling to figure out what else they might consider instead.


Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton announced Tuesday the city’s police department is working toward equipping all sworn personnel and some civilian employees with body cameras. The move comes after summertime police protests in downtown Lexington.

The Urban County Council has given preliminary approval to a federal grant application that would assist the police department in purchasing more equipment.  The mayor said, quote, “Body-worn cameras are essential. They are a tool every police officer needs.  It’s expensive, but it’s money well spent.” 

Stu Johnson

The Lexington city council has taken the first step toward re-naming Cheapside Park the Henry Tandy Centennial Park. The buying and selling of slaves occurred prior to the Civil War in the area adjacent to the Historic Lexington Courthouse. 


Governor Beshear and First Lady Britainy Beshear experienced a health scare early Tuesday when both were feeling poorly.  Out of an abundance of caution the two were tested for coronavirus and the tests came back negative.

The governor said the relatively short wait for test results gave him newfound empathy for those who may wait days to find out if they have COVID-19.  Beshear reported 562 new cases of coronavirus Tuesday and eight deaths.


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