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With cases of the coronavirus expected to spike in West Virginia in the coming weeks, the state will delay its primary election. Gov. Jim Justice made the announcement at a Wednesday virtual news conference.

The primary election had been scheduled for May 12. But with public health concerns heightened, Justice announced the primary will instead be pushed back to June 9.

Projections from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation show the coronavirus’ impact on West Virginia will peak at the beginning of May.


It’s that time of the year again when Girl Scout Troops start selling cookies. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus pandemic, you won’t see them set up outside grocery stores or going door to door. Samantha Morrill talked to Haleigh McGraw, Girl Scouts of Kentucky Wilderness Road Communications & Brand Director about how they are adjusting their approach.

Governor Beshear began his daily briefing Tuesday with some sobering news.  Seven new reported deaths and 114 new coronavirus cases in Kentucky.  Beshear said he hoped he wouldn’t have to make this type of report again, but added he realizes he could.


According to a Lexington attorney specializing in force majeure, the coronavirus pandemic may qualify. The clause, found in many legal contracts, allows business and individuals to break their contractual obligations due to an unforeseen event, like an act of God.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program has been extended through April 30. The Kentucky River Foothills Development Council is encouraging anyone who is potentially eligible or in a vulnerable household to contact them about getting help.


  When they reconvene in Frankfort on Wednesday, Kentucky lawmakers will consider a one-year budget instead of the normal two-year plan. Legislative leaders say the change is due to uncertainty about how much revenue the state will bring in during the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic downturn.

Nearly $400,000 Raised For Team Kentucky Fund

Mar 31, 2020

Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman says help through state initiated fund raising to assist those citizens experiencing job loss is different than unemployment assistance. She noted it’s a philanthropic endeavor rooted in compassion for fellow citizens.

The Kentucky Department of Tourism is unveiling an 11 video mini-series to highlight various areas of interest in the Commonwealth. The timing of the release changed with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kentucky Tourism Commissioner Mike Mangeot says filming of sights, sounds, and stories across the state took place over the last year or so.  He says, originally, the plan called for a periodic release of videos.

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A staffer for the Kentucky legislature has tested positive for coronavirus. The legislature has been meeting intermittently during the coronavirus pandemic and is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday to pass a final version of the state budget and other bills.

The staffer works for the Legislative Research Commission, the administrative arm of the legislature tasked with drafting bills, crunching numbers and assisting lawmakers. The agency is governed by a 16-member board made up of leaders from the Republican-majority legislature.

Governor Instructs Kentuckians To Stay Put

Mar 31, 2020

Governor Beshear has issued an executive order instructing Kentuckians not to travel out of state except for a few limited reasons.


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Mar 30, 2020
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Force majeure “non-performance” contract clauses eyed as coronavirus rattles supply chains |  200-year cement. Sound good? UK researchers are on it |  Standing up to heart disease in Eastern Kentucky | The rural "news desert" and the search for an oasis. | An online calendar for arts events off the beaten path.

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UMWA Wants More Coronavirus Protections for Coal Miners

Mar 26, 2020
Brittany Patterson

The United Mine Workers of America is asking federal regulators to set uniform, enforceable guidelines to help protect coal miners from contracting COVID-19.

In a letter dated Tuesday, March 24, UMWA President Cecil Roberts wrote to the Mine Safety and Health Administration requesting the agency issue a “safeguard” or “emergency standard” that would require coal mine operators to take actions to protect miners from the coronavirus.


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