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Reaction to legislative action on trans healthcare for minors

Stu Johnson
Louisville Senator Karen Berg Offered Emotional Comments During the Debate on SB 150 03-16-23

An emotionally charged debate on issues related to transsexuality occurred Thursday in Frankfort. Both the House and Senate approved legislation banning certain gender-affirming medical care for minors. One of the 30 "yes" votes in the Senate came from Smithfield Senator Lindsey Tichenor.

“We’re not talking about a minor thing. For goodness sakes, you’ve got to be 18 to get a tattoo. We’re talking about removing healthy body parts, that you cannot put back on,” said Tichenor.

Another aye vote came from Hopkinsville Senator Whitney Westerfield. He said the amended bill allows for doctor advice and interaction. And Westerfield told his colleagues supporters and opponents generally care about the children in the Commonwealth.

The bill allows for the revoking of a healthcare provider's licensure or certification for violation of the measure.

There for the Senate vote was Mason Chernosky, a 25-year-old trans-man. Calling it a heinous bill, Chernosky said it takes away a significant portion of trans health care and lifesaving care for youth under 18.

“As a trans-man, I can tell you I know firsthand that getting hormones, getting puberty blockers, having access to transition, is life-saving care,” said Chernosky.

Chernosky said it’s important for trans-youth to be allowed to transition. He noted he knows that firsthand and by working with trans-youth.

The bill now heads to Governor Beshear’s desk where he has indicated he will veto the measure. The General Assembly returns at the end of the month to consider gubernatorial vetoes.

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