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More severe weather expected for central and eastern Kentucky

severe weather

Central and eastern Kentucky are looking at another round of severe weather this week. Severe thunderstorms are expected for the southeastern portion of the Commonwealth on Wednesday. Ed Ray is a meteorologist with the national weather service in Jackson. He said the wind will be a major factor the next day or so.

“Right now, it looks like the biggest threat is gusting winds or damaging winds, hail and tornados to a lesser extent, but you cannot rule out some of those as well, but winds definitely look to be the main threat.”

He said with damaging winds look like the biggest threat and it is important to have a plan in place.

“Let’s say you live in a trailer; you want to make sure you’re in a more permanent structure for example. You want to do that before severe weather hits, so you may want to talk to a neighbor if they have basement or something like that or if you’ve got some kind of storm shelter you can practice with your family so when a warning is issued and it looks like it is bearing down on you, you can take the appropriate action to protect yourself.”

This the third week in a row for severe weather to hit the state. Ray said this can be expected during spring because of the struggle between warm and cold fronts. Most of the severe weather is expected to be centered around south-central Kentucky.

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