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Listener Feedback on 'Liberal Radio Station,' 'Transplant' to Area Loves WEKU

Last week, I responded to a listener’s description of  WEKU as a “liberal radio station” saying , we do our best, as does NPR, to always provide politically-balanced programming and news coverage.  

Another listener took exception with that, saying while it’s been “wonderful” listening to our programming over the last several years, the consensus is that NPR’s programming, and as a result ours is “left leaning.”

“If  you need an example of that, it would be, the recent stories on Trump’s immigration policy that was just issued.  And, whether I agree with that or not is not really relevant but, if we were to just break down your story, you spent 95 percent of it interviewing people from Starbucks to Fox to Elan Musk and several others.  It really wasn’t a balanced approach to that issue. Thanks so much.”

With an apparently different view is Elizabeth, a recent transplant to our area from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“I’m really enjoying WEKU’s programming and especially the fair and balanced news reporting and the exposure that I’m getting now to classical music, which I haven’t appreciated before.  I really love that and the jazz.

And, regarding the ‘moronic’ listener comment, I would just say, ‘Don’t knock people’s hobbies.’ 

I was a little disappointed when the temperature did not reach 70 (degrees) on Saturday but, you know, I’m from Fort Wayne. Thanks again. Have a great day!”

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