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Feedback on Street Names, Folk Alley, "Worn-out" Shows

Listener Clay emailed us, “Please create a pronunciation guidebook for your announcers, primarily containing area street and place names.  Your morning guy continually mispronounces "Tiverton" and "Aristides", street names in Lexington.  But other WEKU announcers also struggle in this area.  Nothing makes an announcer sound more amateurish than continually mispronouncing local names.”

I have had a bit of an email dialogue with Clay who told me the correct pronunciation of what I said was “air-us-TYE-deez” was more like “air-us-TEE-deez.   A reference I found online from author Bill Dolittle, who has written about the Kentucky Derby, confirms the long “I” sound.

Meanwhile, Mary has discovered a new weekend favorite.  She writes, “I’ve been listening to Folk Alley for the first time ever and it is a superb program! I mean it, it has to be the best I’ve ever heard! What great company on a Saturday night; I know I’ll be tuning in again!”

We’ve had ongoing comments about a couple of shows that remain controversial, in this case meaning there seem to be numbers of people who don’t like them, namelyQ from the CBC and NPR’sAsk Me Another.

One listener, choosing to remain anonymous, commented that he’s finding The Best of Car Talk to be “worn out.”  He is, however, hopeful about A Prairie Home Companion and it’s new host, Chris Thile.

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