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Feedback on Prevailing Wage plus Beer, Bourbon, Wine Stories

From Joan, in Waco, Kentucky, Wednesday following a news update during Here and Now, “I must take exception to your brief account of school construction just reported.  The reporter stated that legislators would no longer set wages for school construction projects under a bill that would exempt such projects from prevailing wage laws. This is a misleading misstatement of prevailing wage law and does a disservice to construction workers and the labor organizations that represent them.  Please do a better job of explaining prevailing wage laws. That was not up to your standards.”

Our reply to Joan: The story in question was a very brief reader from the Associated Press. We have provided more coverage of this issue than in this short headline story and we regret the incomplete nature of that headline version of the story.

The following came to us from listener Candace who works for Buffalo Trace Distillery, “I heard a news story last night about the bourbon, beer, wine legislation clearing the Senate committee on WEKU and again this morning in which a quote is attributed to an 'Adam Watson, of Buffalo Trace.'

Your news story on your website is correct.  The story that is being broadcast is incorrect. Adam Watson is not an employee of Buffalo Trace Distillery but is instead the president of the Kentucky Guild of Brewers."

And a note from Anne, from Lexington, regarding this week’s Eastern Standard on fear and hatred directed at Muslims and Sikhs, “Thank you so much for this excellent program. This is public radio at its best. It was a real community service.”

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