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Opioid Treatment Facility Moves To Eastern State Hospital Site

A program aimed at helping new mothers who battle opioid addiction is making a move to a new and larger location.  A telehealth emphasis is also expected to help reach more women.

Since 2014, the University of Kentucky’s Perinatal Assisted Treatment House or Pathways and Beyond Birth clinics have assisted more than 300 women with treatment for opioid use disorder.  Beyond Birth is moving into an 11,000 square foot facility which includes seven exam rooms, four group rooms, plus individual behavioral health space.  Kristin Ashford is an associate dean in UK’s College of Nursing. “The opioid epidemic is continuing to increase.  We’re hoping that by adding more treatment, comprehensive treatment programs, that we’ll be able to reduce the number of women and children that are affected by this chronic disease,” said Ashford.

Ashford says telehealth capabilities will help to reach women in rural parts of Kentucky.  She says Chrysalis House, which offers residential treatment for prenatal and parenting women, is locating services right next door.

Bethany Wilson credits the Perinatal Assisted Treatment House or Pathways and Beyond Birth clinics for helping her attain 34 months of sobriety.  She admits it takes complete commitment.  “It’s a long road, I’m not going to lie, but it’s a very rewarding road.  And I don’t have my life isn’t the same as what it was before, but it’s better.”

The 32 year central Kentucky woman went through serious almost fatal health issues after three years of active addiction.  Now, she’s newly married and the mother of six children.  Wilson says she also serves as an HIV prevention specialist.?

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