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Kentucky Pushes Pause On Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Governor Beshear

Kentucky has paused administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine statewide.  Governor Beshear made the announcement Tuesday in line with the recommendation from federal health officials. 

Six women have developed rare blood clots after getting the J&J shot.  Almost seven million J&J vaccinations have been administered in the U.S.  The governor admited this news could increase hesitancy in getting any coronavirus vaccine. 

“And our goal is going to have to be to communicate, and communicate, and communicate, especially with those that may have been leaning toward getting vaccinated, if it was the J&J," said Beshear.  "What does this now do to their psyche or where they are? Again, I think we’ll work through this. I think the vaccine will be available to them.  I think it will be very safe.”

Beshear said during this pause, Kentuckians will have ample opportunities to sign up for the other two vaccines.  To this point, the governor says the J&J vaccine has accounted for less than 5% of the total shots delivered.  Beshear says Kentuckians who have received J&J injections should not be concerned, unless they’ve developed serious complications in the one-to-four week period after vaccination. 

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