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Jury duty bill one of many still up for consideration by Kentucky General Assembly

Edmonton Representative Amy Neighbors Testifying About the Jury Duty Bill
Stu Johnson
Edmonton Representative Amy Neighbors Testifying About the Jury Duty Bill

There are a number of bills still in limbo as lawmakers break away from Frankfort during the governor’s veto period. One of those is House Bill 338, which allows Kentuckians 70 and older to be exempt from jury duty. First-term Representative Amy Neighbors of Edmonton said this would bring Kentucky law for district and circuit court in line with federal law when it comes to jury duty.

“Based on whatever they have going on maybe something health-wise at that age. You know, my background is in long-term care so I’ve been serving the elderly for the last 22 years. So, I just feel like this would be a great option for those individuals,” said Neighbors.

Under the legislation, Neighbors said those 70 and over who receive a jury duty letter could simply check the opt-out box and send it back in.

The Administrative Office of the Courts' statement says it’s pleased the bill gives the option to not serve instead of cutting off eligibility at age 70. The statement goes on to say it can be challenging to find jurors to serve at $12.50 a day and seniors often make good candidates for jury duty.

Here's the full statement from the AOC:

The AOC’s statement:

We are pleased the language in the bill would not prohibit citizens over the age of 70 from jury service. It would just be optional for that age group. At a time when it is challenging to find jurors willing to serve for a reimbursement of $12.50 per day, this is a category of Kentucky residents who frequently make excellent candidates for jury service.

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