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Motorsports venture in eastern Kentucky awarded $1 million ARC grant


A motorsports organization in eastern Kentucky recently received funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission. Backroads of Appalachia was awarded one million dollars to create several new jobs and enhance marketing and management within the organization. The plan is to promote tourism in the region. The group puts on events using the infrastructure already in place throughout the region.

Erik Hubbard is the founder and Executive Director of Backroads of Appalachia. He said the money will help purchase materials that are required for these events.

“We need communication equipment, we need mobile trailers, we need GPS equipment and multiple safety equipment. Drones, safety barriers, cones, things of that nature. As well as leasing all this equipment,” said Hubbard.

The money will also help pay to store those items.

Hubbard said the ultimate goal is to drive economic development in the region.

“By giving organizers anything required for them to be able to come to Kentucky to put on multiple events throughout the year. Which ultimately lowers the cost of entry, which means more people will come and enter this and spend their money in our communities,” said Hubbard.

Hubbard predicted the funding has the potential to more than double Backroads of Appalachia’s economic impact in eastern Kentucky.

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