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Distilled spirits company makes $600 million investment in Laurel County


Laurel County is expanding its footprint in the distilled spirits industry. It was announced last week that Sazerac Company is making a $600 million investment in the community to build 20 barrel warehouses. The project is expected to create 50 new jobs.

Paula Thompson is the Executive Director of the London Laurel County Economic Development Authority. She said the existing barrel manufacturing facility is also growing.

“This will create an expansion offsite at the Cumberland Cooperage, which Sazerac also owns. They’re going to be adding 72,000 square feet of building space to create more room to build the barrels. So, there’ll be 45 jobs there as well,” said Thompson.

That means a total of more than 90 new jobs for the community. Thompson said the workforce there is well suited to the task.

“These jobs are the most preferred in the community, as well as great benefits. But it will give back in many different ways. The tax will give back to the schools and to the community agencies. As well as just a continuance of expansion in our area,” said Thompson.

The positions will include managers, custodians, and three round-the-clock caretakers for each of the 20 rickhouses. Thompson said a common desire in the community is to see their bourbon partnerships grow in the future with a distillery.

The first seven warehouses are expected to be open in the spring of 2025.

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