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Gov. Beshear Wants Faster Vaccine Distribution; Calls Out Richmond Official On DC Trump Rally

Stu Johnson

Governor Beshear is asking the federal government to speed up the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine to the Commonwealth.  During his COVID-19 briefing Tuesday, Beshear said a request to double the weekly doses coming to Kentucky has been sent to Washington. 

State Public Health Commissioner Steve Stack said Kentucky is being recognized for its vaccine administration. “I’m confident that in Kentucky that if we had unlimited vaccine we could easily immunize 200, 250 thousand people a week, if not more today, if we had enough vaccine.  We get about 54,000 doses a week and that’s all we can do,” said Stack.

Governor Beshear reported 2,250 new cases of COVID-19 Tuesday along with 27 additional deaths.  The state’s positivity rate stands at 11.55%.

Governor Beshear says increased security will remain in place at the state capitol at least through Wednesday.  The governor called for heightened security following FBI warnings that state capitols could be sites for armed protests.   

Beshear’s recent action came after armed protesters forced their way into the U.S. Capitol on January sixth. Richmond Commissioner Krystin Arnold attended the rally.  During the briefing, Beshear was asked if Arnold should resign her post.  The governor said, at the very least, she should condemn what happened.  “And if we have an elected official who was there, they ought to come out condemning every single piece of it.  Condemn the Qanon part. Condemn the rally turned riot, turned domestic terror attack.  Condemn these militias that talk about overthrow of our government.  Condemn it all.  If you are a part of government, I mean, they’re coming for you too,” said Beshear.

During a January 12th Richmond City Commission meeting, Arnold addressed the issue.  She said she attended the DC rally as a private citizen and not as commissioner in an official capacity.  Arnold said she was not party to any unlawful acts and that she condemned the violence and destruction, adding, quote, “violence is never a solution for differences.”  Efforts to reach Arnold Tuesday following Beshear’s comments were unsuccessful.

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