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Sponsorship FAQ

Can I advertise on WEKU?

WEKU works with sponsors as partners, not as advertisers. Since WEKU is a non-commercial, publicly supported radio station, it cannot air commercials. However, we can acknowledge support from sponsors through on-air messaging.

Can I script my own message?

Yes, you are welcome to send us the text of the message you want to air. There are limits to what can be included in those messages to maintain our non-commercial status. All messages must be approved by our copy editor. Many of our clients find it easier for us to craft a message for their review, since we are used to the FCC rules about what we can and cannot say.

Can I provide my own recorded message to air on WEKU?

WEKU records all on-air messages using our own voice talent. We do this so that all messages sound familiar and are in keeping with our overall station sound and personality. Our listeners do not want to be sold to, they want quality information so they can make their own choices.

How much does it cost to run messaging on WEKU?

We post our business rates. We offer discounts for nonprofits, as well government and educational institutions. Occasionally we offer special rates. We encourage sponsors and media buyers to look at the value of our geographic and demographic reach, as well as our rankings. Comparing station rates is like comparing grapes to grapefruits.

I don’t know how many messages it makes sense to run. Can you help me figure that out?

Our staff are happy to recommend a schedule or propose schedule options based on your marketing goals, time frame and budget. Once we agree on the schedule, we will send you a draft broadcast order for your review and approval.

What is a typical schedule?

We have received orders from $200-$175,000 (for a multi-year schedule). It all depends on whether you want to promote a one-time event, build brand awareness or get an important message to our listeners. We can work with all budget sizes. That said, our sponsors tend to get the best results with schedules that run six months or more.

How do I know if/when my messages have aired?

We will send you an affidavit at the beginning of each month that shows when your messages aired. If we miss airing a message because of breaking news or other issues, we will provide “make-good” spots.

I am interested. What do I do to get started?

Contact us by email or phone and we will answer any questions and walk you through the process. We won’t pressure you into doing anything you don’t think will work for your business or organization.

When do I have to pay for the sponsorship?

We offer 10% bonus spots for prepayment, but are also happy to bill you at the beginning of each month for the spots that ran during the previous month (typically we go by media month). Once your order is approved, we can send you a schedule confirmation that shows what that monthly billing will look like. All payments are due within 30 days. You can pay online with a credit card, if you wish.

I am not ready to be a sponsor right now, but I may be in the future. What do you recommend?

Subscribe to our Sponsorship Blog to keep learning about the benefits of public radio sponsorship and learn of any changes or specials we are offering. The blog posts about twice a month, so it won’t fill your in-box with messages you have no time to read.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

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