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NPR Listener Demographics


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Meet your potential customers:

  • 80% consider NPR "personally important" to them
  • 82% take action in response to something they heard on NPR
  • 73% hold a more positive opinion of companies that support NPR
  • 70% prefer to do business with companies that support NPR

Source: Kantar NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, April 2021

NPR listeners are a highly sought after, market-leading group. They are:

The NPR audience comprise leaders in the workplace, whether in the private or public sector or their own entrepreneurial ventures.

  • 104% more likely to work in top management
  • 69% more likely to be C-suite
  • 113% more likely to be a self-employed professional

The NPR audience seeks out cultural experiences.

  • 112% more likely to have attended an art gallery or show in the past year
  • 87% more likely to have visited a museum in the past year
  • 90% more likely to have attended live theater in the past year

The NPR audience strives to make a difference in their communities through activism, education and support of charitable organizations.

  • 193% more likely to have contacted a politician at the state, local or national level
  • 198% more likely to have served on a committee for a local organization
  • 72% more likely to have volunteered for a charitable organization

The NPR audience values quality and trusted brands, they’re environmentally conscious and they are thoughtful about their purchases.

  • 54% more likely to purchase food labeled as natural or organic
  • 303% more likely to participate in environmental groups or causes
  • 159% more likely to make financial contributions to arts, cultural or environmental organizations

The NPR audience enjoys traveling and learning about new places and cultures.

  • 60% agree travel is one of their passions
  • 62% more likely to visit cultural/historical sites while traveling internationally
  • 85% more likely to have gone backpacking in the last year

The NPR audience appreciates the value technology adds to their life and they’re enthusiastic about new developments and advancements like voice activation.

  • 69% try to keep up with developments in technology
  • 90% more likely to work in a technology-related role
  • 75% do as much research as possible before buying electronics

Source: MRI-Simmons Doublebase 2021, among custom NPR News audience

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