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Comer Files Federal Lawsuit Over Impounded Hemp Seeds


The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has filed suit against the federal government over its seizure of 250 pounds of imported hemp seeds that arrived in Louisville from Italy last week. 

The DEA says the agriculture department could apply for a special permit to get the seeds, but  Holly Harris, a spokeswoman for Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, says the permit would put serious restrictions on the state’s pilot hemp programs, which would research and cultivate the crop for industrial use.

“At the end of the day, he just said ‘enough is enough. Enough delay,'" Harris said. "He decided ‘we’re going to do the country a favor here, stand up and say ‘no more, this is ridiculous government overreach, Congress has authorized us to conduct Kentucky’s pilot program, and if the DEA won’t follow the law, then we’ll ask a federal judge to force them to.’’”

Harris says her office wants to force the federal government to release the seeds as soon as possible, and that a hearing in the case could occur as early as Friday.

Access a copy of the complaint via this link.  

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