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  • The latest in our ongoing series about America’s flirtation with autocracy. Our guest is Matthew Howell, Associate Professor of Government at Eastern Kentucky University. Believing the structure of American democracy to be sound, time-tested, and resilient, Dr. Howell is confident the country can weather the 2024 presidential election.
  • On this week’s Eastern Standard:After escaping dictatorship in his home country of The Congo for democracy in the U.S., EKU professor Patrick Litanga describes seeing his adopted home country flirt with authoritarianism.
  • The rate of chronic absenteeism in Kentucky’s public schools has reached 30 percent. Education contributor Brigitte Blom hears from experts who say student absenteeism is a lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Do surface mines and mountaintop removal sites worsen flooding in Eastern Kentucky coalfield communities?
  • Democracy Optimist, an election-year special series from WEKU, Eastern Standard, and Dynamix Productions, delivers expert background on election law and voting to prepare you for the 2024 general election on November 5.
  • As Republicans and Democrats in the Kentucky legislature offer wildly differing proposals for universal pre-K, education series host Brigitte Blom gets the stakes from early childhood care and education expert Dan Wuori.
  • Atlantic writer and Naval War College Professor Emeritus Tom Nichols offers perspective on the prospects of a US Military under the command of an authoritarian White House.
  • This week on Eastern Standard: A steady decline in state funding for higher education has consequences.
  • Former President Trump and his allies have made no secret of their plans, should he be returned to the White House, to move the country away from traditional American democracy and toward an authoritarian style of governing. What would that mean?
  • The science behind the art: a study of effective workplace apologies flips gender styles. Kentucky’s ongoing battle against cancer.
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