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Marshall Students Still Concerned About Safety

  Students from Marshall County High School say they are concerned with vulnerabilities in the school’s safety plan. A group of students discussed concerns last week with Democratic sheriff candidate Trent Weaver. Freshmen Lela Free says she is most concerned with the unintended effects of the metal detector system. Currently, students are wanded as they enter the school each morning. Free says this creates a ‘bottleneck’ of students waiting in a small space with no protection. 

“Standing in this line, all pushed together, and then these people aren’t checked...know what I’m saying? And they’re just ripe to be gunned down,” she said.

A portion of Marshall County High School will be renovated this summer. Students say the renovations may help alleviate bottlenecking. Superintendent Trent Lovett says the renovations will include limiting the number of entrances and a ‘buzz-in’ system at the front office.

Two students were killed and more than a dozen injured in a shooting at the school in January.


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