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Conduct of Judge in Marshall County Shooting Case Challenged

Marshall County Daily News

Commonwealth’s Attorney Mark Blankenship’s Office is requesting a special judge step in to preside over the Marshall County High School shooter case.

The move comes after lawyers representing Paxton Media Group filed a writ alleging Marshall County Circuit Judge Jamie Jameson improperly interfered with the prosecution of the accused shooter, 15-year-old Gabe Parker. Blankenship says the allegations have shaken victims and families that were already fragile. He says no matter the outcome of the request, it might bring ‘peace of mind.’.

“Either way would help the victims. If we moved to get a new judge and the motion was denied, then we could give the victims that and they could read something tangible to see why the judge has not acted improperly.

Blankenship says if the Kentucky Supreme Court rules that there was misconduct in the case and brings in a special judge, then that will give victims closure as well.

Jamie Jameson denies any misconduct in the Marshall County High School shooter case.

That’s according to two responses his office filed to the Kentucky Court of Appeals to a writ filed by lawyers representing Paxton Media Group (PMG). The writ alleges that Jameson improperly interfered with the prosecution of accused shooter 15-year-old Gabe Parker.

In the response, Jameson says the claims brought against him are “grounded in speculation.” He says PMG is labeling a ‘difference of legal opinion’ as  “serious misconduct.” Attorney Jon Fleischaker  is representing PMG. He says Jameson’s response confirm the claims in their petition.

“There is no question that he had hearings closed to the public, there’s no question he issued secret orders in Circuit Court, there is no question that this was in Circuit Court, not juvenile court. So I think in essence, he just confirmed everything we said.”

Mike Abate  is also part of PMG's legal team. He says the next step is waiting for an order from the Court of Appeals that will either set an argument in the case or resolve their petition.

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