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Fires In the Daniel Boone Forest Contained, But Not Controlled


Fire crews working within the Daniel Boone National Forest have contained three blazes. The fires in Rockcastle County, near Stearns, and near Red Bird involving hundreds of acres are contained. 

U.S. Forest Service Spokesperson Daniel Lacy said they are not yet controlled. “Once we are able to get to a controlled portion on these fires that means the fires going to hold under all foreseeable conditions.  So, there won’t be any smoke or visible flame and the large amount of the radiant heat will be taken out as well,” said Lacy.

Lacy noted campfires anywhere outside designated locations with metal rings are still not allowed.   “The information that we’re getting is these fire restrictions are going to remain in place because we’re in such a severe drought in this area.  Just because the potential for ignitions is still pretty high and it could cause a wildfire just about any time,” explained Lacy.

Forest Service Public Information Officer Ludie  Vaughn said there’s been no structural losses or smoke-related roadway delays in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

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