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More Feedback on Prairie Home, Ask Me Another and a 'Litany' of Songs


Here’s a call to the Listener Comment Line, from Brant, in Frankfort, “I remember an announcement about Brenda Lee being near the area. She was going to perform a “litany of her songs.”  I’ve been looking at the dictionary here, a litany is either a prayer consisting of petitions recited by a leader or a repetitive recital.”

Brant continues, “I guess I would just offer that it’s probably not the word you were looking for. In that note, I would say that David Lee Roth should be singing a dirge.”

Brant’s comment is not the only one on that very same topic. We appreciate that and will be a little more careful in our editing of such announcements in the future.

Here’s a note by email from Red, in Lexington, “Please add my voice to those supporting Prairie Home Companion and Ask Me Another. I am a big fan of these sorts of light-hearted entertainment, like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Car Talk. In fact, I wish these sorts of shows had more airtime.

I remember a decade ago while I was in college, Radio Lab would air during a weeknight. I find that four solid hours of news every weekday (from All Things Considered 4pm until The World ends at 8pm) is too much serious and depressing programming for me. I can get enough of that overwhelming, bleak reporting from any number of sources; but public radio is unique in offering stimulating programs like Radio Lab the TED Radio Hour.”

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