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Feedback: Automation Screw-ups and Signal Fix-up

Catching up with a comment posted on the website at www.WEKU.fm, over a week ago, listener J.C. wrote, ”In the past two days, there have been news stories and announcements, previously recorded obviously, run long after their timeliness and relevance had passed. In one case, a report announcing the death of former Kentucky Senator Wendell Ford. Mr. Ford died January 22 and the station ran coverage of his funeral. Why was this report, announcing that he had just died, run on JANUARY 29th?"

C.J. continues, "Today, a recorded announcement of an upcoming community theater performance which ended Jan. 26th, ran today.”

All we can do is apologize for these “operator errors.” They’re obviously a couple of examples of incorrect updating of our automation system. There are no excuses. Just thanks for keeping us on our toes.

On a more positive note, comments from Lexington listeners about recent technical troubles on the 88.9 signal and the repairs finalized last week.

Stephanie: “I was so distressed after last week you announced your signal would go off the air while you made some repairs.  And it came back and it was so fuzzy and I missed you so much over the weekend.  But then, you went off the air again and, now that you’re back, you’re strong and clear.”

Steve: “For the first time in a week or ten days, the subterranean below-ground signal to my radio is clear at last.”

Stephanie: “Welcome back!”

We’re always grateful for your feedback. 

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