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Today's Interview: Longtime Lexington bakery closes

After 67 years on Lexington's Main, Magee's Bakery is closing.
Magee's Baking Company
After 67 years on Lexington's Main, Magee's Bakery is closing.

A Lexington institution is closing its doors. Magee’s Baking Company – better known as Magee’s Bakery -- has been making donuts, pastries and other goodies on Main Street since 1956. Co-owner and baker Greg Higgins said with the pandemic and related staffing issues, the last three or four years have been sort of rough.

“You have these periods where you kind of get it dialed in, and when you're where you want to be, and then that'll kind of phase out and you kind of gotta get back to it, you know? And, but that hitting with all the other stuff that's gone on, it's been really difficult for both of us.”

Higgins’ sister Beverly is a co-owner. Magee’s Bakery moved from Maysville to Main Street, in Lexington, in 1956. Thirteen years later, Greg Higgins’ parents purchased it from Leslie Magee, but kept the name. Eventually, Greg Higgins became the baker and co-owner with his sister Beverly. He said he’s touched by the outpouring of support from people upset over the end of an era – and he’s intrigued by some of the offers.

“And, you know, we're going to pop out the other side of this, you know, McGee's will more than likely pop up into in another form, somehow, based on the inquiries that I've got, I've got to talk with a number of people and see what they've gotten their mind and my own as well, I don't necessarily want to retire yet.”

Higgins will make his last donuts and pastries – for now, anyway, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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