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Lexington Council members react to spike in gun violence

Stu Johnson
Lexington City Council 9-13022

Gun violence within the city of Lexington is prompting widespread concern. it was evidenced at this week’s City Council work session.

Several council members expressed concern about a spike in gun deaths. That included Ninth District Council Member Whitney Baxter.

“I wanted to take the opportunity to let our community know that…sorry…..there is a problem and I am committed to finding a solution. So, that’s all I can say on that right now,” said Baxter.

Sixth District Councilman Josh McCurn announced plans for a block party Saturday 5-7 on Charles Avenue and Elm Street.

“Just inviting all the neighbors out to show that this is their neighborhood. This is our community and we’re not afraid,” said McCurn.

At-large Councilman Chuck Ellinger said he witnessed police in action at a crime scene.

“It’s hard to describe unless you’re there how much it meant to me just to see how our dedicated officers, what they do every day and put,” said Ellinger.

At-large Council Member Richard Moloney spoke about repeat offenders.

“We need to have the judges here. We need to hear how it is, how we can fix this problem with repeat offenders, let out immediately to come back and shoot again,” said Moloney.

Eleventh District Council Member Jennifer Reynolds said, quote, “gun violence is despicable and should not be tolerated by anyone.”

“Enough is enough. Let’s work together to make Lexington the safest city possible,” said Reynolds.

Vice Mayor Steve Kay said, quote, “we all hold in our hearts the people that are directly affected by the violence and all of us who are indirectly affected.”

“This is a challenge to our community. We’ve risen to other challenges before. We’ll rise to this challenge as well,” said Kay.

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton said plans are being made for an end-the-violence prayer vigil next week.

Stu has been reporting for WEKU for more than 30 years.
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