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Lexington Council Discusses Planning for Social Service Offices


Lexington council’s examination of comprehensive plan issues includes debate about the future location of social service facilities. 

The matter got a lengthy review Tuesday during another discussion of recommended goals and objectives for the plan intended to help determine future growth.

The placement of social service facilities like homeless shelters, drug rehab clinics, and transitional housing has been a long-debated issue at City Hall. Council Member James Brown sought approval for a new comp plan objective to ensure that the location of all community facilities enhance the neighborhoods in which they serve. 

Council Member Angela Evans agrees the matter needs attention.

“You’ll get the same emails that I get and that council member Smith gets that the north end gets dumped on.  I’m tired of seeing that.  I’m tired of reading them.  I think this is a way that we can try to address that,” said Evans.

Council Member Kevin Stinnett expressed concern saying he didn’t remember having a choice in the previous placement of such services.  

The motion was ultimately rescinded with the planning and law departments to investigate revising the wording of the objective.

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