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With Upgrades in Place at Kentucky Theater, Attention Turns to the State Theater


While restoration work on downtown Lexington's Kentucky Theater continues, attention is also focusing on the adjacent State Theater.  The issue was discussed this week at Lexington's City Hall.  Some 600 thousand dollars has been raised privately by the Friends of the Kentucky Theater group.  The city is investing 195 thousand dollars in Kentucky Theater improvements. 

But, Howard Stovall with the theater management group, says the State Theater next door also needs work.  "We've got a situation where people are calling to find out 'what theater is it gonna be in.  oh, it's in the State.'  They're not coming.  We really risk having a good theater and a not so good theater and I don't think that's the image that we need," said Stovall.

Lexington Vice Mayor Linda Gorton believes now might be the time to invest in those upgrades.  "It seems to me that the State Theater presents an opportunity for some seed money as we've done for the Kentucky in the next budget," said Gorton.

Improvements for the Main Street theater marquee are expected to be finished within a few weeks.  There are also plans for an extensive renovation of the concession area in the Kentucky Theater lobby.?

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