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University of Kentucky Begins Coronavirus Vaccinations

University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky Hospital frontline caregivers began receiving coronavirus vaccinations Tuesday.  UK HealthCare Chief Pharmacist Philip Almeter said those closest to COVID-19 patients are getting the first injections.  

Almeter said the coronavirus vaccination process is more involved that the typical influenza vaccine administration. “Most flu vaccines that we give come in pre-filled syringes.  They’re locked and loaded.  They’re ready to administer however, this vaccine requires a considerable amount of manipulation.  After it thaws, you have to rotate it several times,” said Almeter

Almeter said it takes about three hours to thaw.  He doesn’t envision the process for coronavirus vaccinations to change, unless a modification is made by the Pfizer Company. 

UK Vice President for Health Affairs Dr. Mark Newman said the hope is to see all 1950 doses administered to front line caregivers over the next six days.  Newman said the message to the general public is keep doing what you are doing regarding prevention.  “We need to sustain.  We see the finish line but we can’t stop now we have to work really hard on that while we’re doing the vaccinations.  If we do those two things well and in parallel, we will make good progress,” explained Newman.

Almeter, meanwhile, said there was a lot of excitement in the room when the first shots were administered Tuesday.

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