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Korea Unification Efforts Lecture in Frankfort

The easing of tensions between North and South Korea took on a different tone this year, due to some Olympic Games relationships and a U.S.-North Korea summit in June.   

A South Korean National remains steadfast in his work to bring the two far eastern countries together.

Dr. Kwang Suh came to the U.S. in 1974.  His family had fled North Korea and settled in South Korea right after World War II.  Suh heads the Asian Studies program at Campbellsville University.  He will speak on “Unification of the Koreas and World Peace” tonight in Frankfort.  Suh isn’t convinced negotiations alone can reap success. “This divided two countries is almost 70 years ago.  So, I’m pretty much not much interested in politics,” said Suh.

Suh believes offering the north something tangible, such as economic relief through easing sanctions, could prove beneficial to both the U.S. and the people of north Korea. Suh’s program tonight will be held at Frankfort’s Paul Sawyier’s public library.  It begins at 6:30.

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