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Flooding Again Comes To Eastern Kentucky


Portions of eastern Kentucky have been hit with another round of flooding.  One of those areas is Letcher County where heavy weekend rains caused damage to roadways and homes.

Paul Miles is Emergency Management Director for Letcher County. “We headwater three rivers out of this county and the rivers were over the banks into the main roads.  Places that had never got flooded before got flooded.  It was all with 24 to 30-hour period,” said Miles.

Miles says six to seven county roads have spots where the roadways are washed out.  He says that can isolate certain communities.  Miles says the biggest concern is blocking access to emergency vehicles like police and ambulances.  The county emergency management director says county road crews are working those sites.  “Some of them they can get pretty quick, if they can get access to get their equipment into it.  Right now what they’re trying to do is build the road back enough to gravel it and make it passable,” explained Miles.

Residential damage was first reported in just a few homes, but calls were continuing to come in.

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