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Kentucky PSC Rules Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Are Not Utilities

The State Public Service Commission says electric vehicle charging stations are not utilities.  The recent order by the PSC says Kentucky's 94 power stations are not subject to regulation.   It states that any EV charging station purchasing power from a regulated utility or generating its own power solely for charging vehicles is not subject to PSC oversight. 

PSC Spokesperson Andrew Melynykovich  said it could open the door to more stations and more electric cars.

“You know, it’s kind of a chicken and the egg thing.  Does the popularity of electric vehicles drive the need for charging stations or does the deployment of charging stations increase the popularity of electric vehicles? I don’t know the answer to that.  But, clearly, you got to have one to have the other,” said Melnykovich.

Melnykovich added the vast majority of electric vehicle charging stations are currently located in urban areas.  The PSC ruling draws no distinction between charging stations that serve all-electric or hybrid vehicles or the type of entity operating the charging stations.?

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