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KASA launches Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession


A new group has been formed to help grow the number of K-12 teachers in the commonwealth. The Kentucky Association of School Administrators recently launched the Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession.

The group is made up of education leaders, teachers, legislators and community partners. They’ll meet periodically over the next couple of years to research ways to increase teacher recruitment and retention.

KASA Executive Director Rhonda Caldwell said some of the issues are already apparent.

“We do have teachers who their salary is in the low 30s. And we both know that that’s not a living wage today. So we do have that challenge, but it’s not statewide. But the challenges that we have are much more than just salary,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell added the group will also be looking at ways to improve working conditions. The coalition will present recommendations to the legislature. Caldwell said they will also be sharing their findings with regulatory agencies like the Department of Education and school districts.

“Because we’re asking ourselves, what can we do? There is much that everyone can do, but what can we, as a school district, do? And of course, we’ll also be sharing all of this data with our public. Because everyone in our society today has a really strong stake in our public schools,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell said the coalition will begin with recommendations to the 2023 General Assembly. The group will complete its work in January 2024.

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