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UK Pharmacy Professor: Covid Vaccine Is Safe


A University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy professor is confident about the safety of coronavirus vaccines and the vaccination process. That doesn’t mean COVID-19 prevention advice will change any time soon.

Although testing and production have been relatively quick, UK Pharmaceutical Sciences Professor Vince Venditto says the technology used to develop vaccines is not new.  The effort now is on the administration of the first vaccination.  Venditto said the timeline for receiving a booster shot can be extended safely. “If it’s after 28 days, it will still produce lasting immunity.  And this gives the companies the time to manufacture additional doses and distribute them to the states,” said Venditto.

Venditto noted significant short-term side affects from vaccination have not been seen.  He said it’s more difficult to predict long term, but once the vaccine is broken down and used by cells, it’s destroyed and eliminated from the body.  Even with a push to ramp up vaccination, Venditto added the administration should go well because there’s lots of injection experience among healthcare workers.

Here's much of the extended interview with Vince Venditto:


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