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Morehead Mill to Help Keep Barrels Rolling


A Morehead wood mill scheduled to open early next year is expected to help keep bourbon barrels rolling out of Lebanon, Kentucky.  

The stave mill, an estimated $10 million investment, could mean 70 new jobs for the region.  Independent Stave President Brad Boswell says the abundance of Kentucky Oak trees was a factor in selecting the Morehead site, "There's a wonderful resource of white oak logs in the Morehead area and we currently buy logs there, but we have to haul those logs to one of our other mill locations.”

The Missouri-based Independent Stave firm operates a cooperage in the south central community.  President Brad Boswell says a 'stave mill' near Morehead will help keep barrel production running smoothly, "Cut those logs into staves and heading pieces.  Those are the pieces that we make the barrel of.”    He says, at Morehead, the firm will dry and air season the lumber.  “And, we also have dryers, we'll dry it and send it to our Cooperage in Lebanon Kentucky," added Boswell.

The stave mill is expected to open in early 2015.  ?

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