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Boyd County communities get funds to help with water infrastructure

Catlettsburg Mayor Faith Day and Governor Andy Beshear and local leaders
Submitted Photo
Catlettsburg Mayor Faith Day and Governor Andy Beshear and local leaders

The Beshear Administration’s announcement that state and federal dollars would benefit Catlettsburg came as welcome news to the mayor of a small town with 13 sewage pump stations.

Mayor Faith Day said this will help in a few areas.

“The 150,000, the city applied for Cleaner Water act. So this will go to help us with our pump station rehabilitation and repairs.”

Overall, Boyd County will receive 4.1 million dollars for water and sewer systems. Catlettsburg and the county seat of Ashland will each benefit from a $719,000 grant to repair a shared water main.

Again, Mayor Day says this will benefit the people of her town.

“I think it's a concern of everyone's. And no, I think it's great that they're given the taxpayers back their money to help. You know, this offsets the costs. But we don't have to increase tax rates on a race.”

Day says it’s not cheap to repair sewer and water systems and that the city has repaired the pump stations many times over the years.

In a news release, the Beshear Administration said funding for the grants is provided by the Better Kentucky Plan's Cleaner Water Program and the federal American Rescue Plan Act.

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