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Knott County Fiscal Court moves forward to acquire property from Western Pocahontas Properties to relocate flood survivors

Knott County Fiscal Court
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Knott County Fiscal Court

Knott County officials are moving forward with efforts to acquire land to relocate flood survivors. A tract of more than 13-hundred acres has been identified near the Knott County Sportsplex and is owned by the West Virginia-based Western Pocahontas Properties. The county attorney now has approval to inform the company that the property is needed for public purpose.

Tim Bates is the Knott County Attorney. He tells WEKU he has reached out to a representative from Western Pocahontas.

“We informed him that we are seeking the property, that we would like to begin some kind of discussion on acquiring the property for a sum of money that would be suitable or fair and that is a prerequisite of the Kentucky revised statute of the Kentucky Eminent Domain Act.”

He said this land is already set up to accommodate a new community.

“This particular tract probably, 15 years ago, it was developed by public funds for infrastructure, roads, sewer, water, it’s already there so it’s property that can be easily, easily built upon very quickly.”

Bates said the value of that property is assessed at around $2.5 million dollars by the Knott County Property Valuation Administrators. Bates said if they do not hear from Western Pocahontas the condemnation process will begin.

That will require disinterested third parties to appraise and agree on the value of the land. If the company does not accept that deal, the case will go to a jury to determine the value. Knott County is still waiting for an initial response from Western Pocahontas.

WEKU is reaching out to Western Pocahontas Properties for comment.

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