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Plans announced to reinforce the Pan Bowl Lake dam in Jackson

Pan Bowl Lake, Jackson, KY
Pan Bowl Lake, Jackson, KY

Officials are planning an upgrade for area known for flooding in Breathitt County. Plans are now in place to strengthen the earthen dam at Pan Bowl Lake in Jackson. A vertical “cut-off” wall will be installed that will keep water from seeping into the lake.

Laura Thomas is the mayor of Jackson. In a video statement during Governor Beshear’s Team Kentucky update, she said this is an important step in the safety of her citizens.

“So excited to hear that they’re going to fund the dam repairs, or the reinforcement of this embankment that has caused us so much grief over the years. We definitely want our residents to feel safe in their homes and we want the businesses to feel safe.”

she said she is glad state officials have recognized the problem and are acting to fix it.

“We’re grateful that Transportation Cabinet and our governor has recognized that this is important for the safety of our travelers as well as our residents.”

Another part of the project is the widening of Kentucky-15 in Jackson. That road is expected to be expanded to four lanes. Governor Beshear says this will essentially double the width of the dam. The governor says this plan is still in development and is not active yet.

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