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Kentucky League Of Women Voters Proposes "Fair Maps" Act


The Kentucky League of Women Voters is proposing a citizen-led commission to draw the next set of maps for state and federal legislative districts.  State lawmakers are being sought to sponsor legislation for a “Fair Maps” Act. 

The plan calls for a 15 member Advisory Redistricting Commission.  Dee Pregliasco with the League of Women Voters said the aim is to reduce partisan gerrymandering and increase public involvement. “The fact that they still have to make the decision means they could just say phooey to everything and you know, we’re not going to listen.  But, if it’s been open and public, then they’re going to be much more responsive to citizens and their constituents than if it’s behind closed doors in the back room," said Pregliasco.

League of Women Voters President Fran Wagner added the general assembly is scheduled to undertake re-drawing legislative boundaries in 2022. She noted redistricting happens every decade following the gathering of census figures.

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