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Recent Rains May Brighten Leaf Colors Across Kentucy


Over the last few weeks, some Kentucky trees have been dropping leaves instead of presenting fall colors.  Drought conditions in many sections of the state stressed trees and other plants.

State Naturalist Robert Meyers said there are trees with some age within their trunks that can weather high heat and low water.

“Usually your hardwood trees such as your oaks, your maples, your hickories, sturdy trees that are slow growing trees, once they get some maturity to them, say 20, 30, 40 years, they’re going to start getting those deeper roots.  They’re going to handle it much better,” explained Meyers.

At this point, Meyers added it’s difficult to predict the extent of leaf color this year.  He noted the peak is usually the third or fourth week in October but, Meyers said his recent traveling only revealed limited fall colors.  “We’re starting to see a little color now, but every else I drove along some heavily forested areas, it was still deep green.  So, they might be pushed off later until the end of October, going into the first of November,” Meyers said.

Starting Oct. 15, Meyers said the Kentucky Tourism Department website will include a color fall reporting page.  He said that will help in charting changes in leaf color by percentages.

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