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Feedback on Web Streams, Getting News Right

Here’s an email we received from Philis, in Lexington who tells us she’s been an avid listener and supporter of WEKU since she moved to Lexington over 20 years ago. 

She wrote to say, “In my house I have three Internet radios that I programmed to have WEKU as one of the presets.  I have not been able to get your station for several months.

In the past I listened to WEKU more than any other stations.  This is partly because I prefer a local station, but I also like your programming.

Are you planning to fix the digital streaming or should I consider switching my donations to the station that I am actually listening to more.”

I wrote back to her, telling her that there had been some changes made to the web streams a few months ago by our website provider, NPR Digital Services.  I sent her some direct links to our web audio and told her we will gladly do what we can to assist her in getting WEKU back onto her Internet radios.

We had a call Friday about an inaccuracy a listener perceived in one a breaking news story we were actively reporting. This listener ended up calling back to apologize after she discovered we actually had the correct information and she somehow received inaccurate information.

I’ll use this incident as an example of our commitment to getting it right and let you know that, when we receive a call of this type, we take it very seriously.  Following the listener’s call, I immediately made contact with our reporter, asking that he double-check that specific fact.  At the same time, we modified the next broadcast of the story, leaving out the contested information until we had it further verified. In the end, we stayed with our original reporting.

My point to you?  Please DO call us whenever you notice what you perceive as an inaccuracy in news reporting, traffic information, even the weather forecast.  We take your concerns seriously and are committed to getting it right.

We’re glad to hear from you. Write to us any time at: WEKU@eku.edu, post on Facebook or send a tweet @889weku or leave a voice message at 859-622-1657. You can also call 800-621-8890 and follow the instructions you will get.

Then tune in for Listener Feedback again next Monday morning at 6:49 or 8:49 or at 5:33 in the afternoon during All Things Considered on 88-9 WEKU.

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