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Feedback: Differing Opinions of Prairie Home, Ask Me Another


Here’s an email from listener Caleb, “I am a long time daily listener of WEKU. One of the featured pieces of feedback this week, from Alyce, criticized “A Prairie Home Companion”, and “Ask Me Another.” I have to agree.

Those are my two least favorite programs on this station. I listen to several of other stations, and find myself turning to WUKY, or online podcasts whenever these programs are on WEKU. I know you all have to balance the interests of all listeners, I just wanted to give you another opinion.”

Meanwhile Erin, from Somerset, writes “My family has enjoyed Prairie Home Companion for decades, but we really appreciate new host Chris Thile’s approach to the updated show. Please continue to offer this program on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons.”

And this one from Greg in Lexington, ” While some have said that they don't like the show, I and many others love it; please keep it on the air!

And finally, this from John in Nicholasville, “After this week’s Listener Feedback about Ask Me Another, I’ll give an opposing view.  I love Ask Me Another.  It is one of the few shows that I’ll go find their podcast if I happen to miss an episode on WEKU.   Please keep the show.

I also enjoy the Marketplace Tech and Marketplace segments during the 8am-9am hour.    I enjoy all the shows except I’m still not a fan of Tom Ashbrook and On Point.  He keeps interrupting the speakers.

Chris Thile is doing a great job as the new host of Prairie Home Companion.”

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