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Feedback on Donating, Web Streaming, Listener Giving Up on Station

We start with an email from a couple whom we will not identify since we don’t want to disclose the amounts of donations to the station, “If it helps for your current drive, I upped my day sponsor by mailing in $20 yesterday. I know it's not much, but I went from $180 to $200, which for us is a lot.” 


John wrote to us, “Please get the web streaming link to smart phones repaired quickly.  I am having serious withdrawal symptoms!” 

By way of explanation, NPR Digital Services, which provides the platform for our website, has changed providers of the web streaming signals. Since they did this about two weeks ago, the normal playback buttons from our site have not worked on mobile devices.  We have a message with a work-around link prominent on the website but it is not as easy as the normal links.

We are in touch with the provider and encouraging them strongly to get it fixed!

And here’s a call from former listener, Steve, “I’m a conservative and, politics aside, you guys have just driven me to not listen anymore. I would like to listen to something in the middle of the road, neither liberal nor conservative but what about the middle of the road.”

Steve continued, “You guys have just went so far left that I can’t support you anymore. Gosh, I guess I’ve listened to my last Prairie Home Companion.”

Write to us any time at: WEKU@eku.edu, post on Facebook or send a tweet @889weku or leave a voice message at 859-622-1657. You can also call 800-621-8890 and follow the instructions you will get.

Then tune in for Listener Feedback again next Monday morning at 6:49 or 8:49 or at 5:33 in the afternoon during All Things Considered on 88-9 WEKU.

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