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Feedback: In Defense of Q, Unhappy with Vaccination Story, Special Trump Coverage

Listener Lisa emailed in response to a comment from someone who hates our afternoon show from the CBC, “Q.”   

Lisa writes, “It made me cringe to see the guy from Corbin talk about how supposedly terrible Q is. It might not be relevant to his life, but I really enjoy the show. I enjoy learning about other cultures and hearing perspectives from outside the US, although Q is definitely still very influenced by the US and our media. It’s not boring, nor silly, nor pretentious. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a nice change from the other news only shows.”

David, from Lexington, wrote on Tuesday afternoon, “I can't believe your reporter just gave significant voice to the dangerous belief that standard vaccines are harmful. This is NOT in any way a belief backed by science, and your reporter should have been very clear about the risks involved in not vaccinating children or adults.”

On Saturday, Alyce wrote following NPR’s special coverage of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s announcement of selection of his running mate.  She says, “Silencing Wait Wait Don't Tell Me for a Trump announcement we already knew about and the news would carry ad nauseum anyway. is nothing less than egregious. Please don't demean your audience with this trash.”

I wrote back to her, saying, “ I hope you realize that we feel an obligation to provide coverage of all sides of the political spectrum.  Airing special news coverage is never about "silencing" the programming that is preempted and it's rarely an easy decision.” 

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