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Proposed abortion-related constitutional amendment is now a part of the Lexington mayoral race

Stu Johnson

The race for the top government job in Lexington now includes attention given to the issue of abortion. First at a mayoral forum and then Thursday in a Facebook video, current mayor Linda Gorton said she’ll be voting "no" on constitutional amendment two and urged other voters to do the same. She was asked why she chose to stress her position on what is considered a highly debated and emotional issue.

“Well, I think people want to know where I stand. People have asked me, and I think as mayor it’s important for me to weigh in on an issue that’s very important to our folks in this community,” said Gorton

Asked about his opinion, Gorton’s challenger Council Member David Kloiber said he was excited the mayor came out strong, expressing her position. It’s something he said he and others have been asking Gorton to do.

Gorton has expressed concern about her opponent’s comment on the issue. If elected Kloiber has said he would direct police not to spend resources on abortion enforcement.

“So, she said it’s a slippery slope in order to instruct our police on what to do. I feel it’s more of a slippery slope to stand by and watch as our residents’ rights are eroded,” said Kloiber.

Addia Wuchner is the executive director for Kentucky Right to Life. She feels Gorton is communicating with the electorate.

“I think the mayor is reaching out to what she feels is her base. She’s in an election cycle. But, this November we’re working to pass a constitutional amendment that will protect unborn babies and their mothers,” said Wuchner.

Gorton, who worked 40 years as a nurse, says the exam room is sacred and the government should not be involved. Wuchner, who also worked 40 years as a nurse, said abortion is not health care and treatment for unhealthy pregnancies or miscarriages will always be available.

Stu has been reporting for WEKU for more than 35 years. His primary beat is Lexington/Fayette government.
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