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More than $6 million in federal COVID funds going to Lexington area nonprofits

Deb Nickell-Director of Grant Services-Natalie's Sisters
Stu Johnson
Deb Nickell-Director of Grant Services-Natalie's Sisters

Several representatives from Lexington nonprofits gathered at City Hall Wednesday morning. They were there for an event recognizing more than $6 million in federal COVID recovery funding. It’s going to 23 agencies to support facility improvements and operational investments. Deb Nickell is director of grant services with the group, Natalie’s Sisters.

“1600 square feet, that’s all it is. You probably wouldn’t even notice it among all the other duplexes in town. But for two women who have been sexually exploited and sexually trafficked, for two women who are homeless, for two women who are among the most vulnerable residents of our community, it will be everything,” said Nickell.

A review process culminated with the allocation of American Rescue Plan Act money, with much of it tagged for facility improvements. Terry Mullins is director of Moveable Feast, which provides meals five days a week to those with AIDS or in hospice care.

“We’ll get new electricity so that we’re not blowing circuit breakers when we can’t run the microwave and the mixer at the same time. We’ll get new storage space to expand capacity so we can better take care of..take in more donations,” said Mullins.

Mullins said the nonprofit can also take advantage of food sales from suppliers. Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton noted funding will go for roofing, plumbing, classroom renovations, passenger vans, a new generator, and new security systems

Lexington Social Services Commissioner Kacy Allen-Bryant said for the 45 nonprofit projects, the funding will help increase the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of services. She added that benefits the entire Lexington community.

Here's more with Deb Nickell about Natalie's Sisters:


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