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AthensWest Theatre Company in Lexington is closing their doors after eight years


After eight years and 17 productions, AthensWest Theatre Company in Lexington is closing their doors. Theatre leadership cites the financial fallout from the pandemic as the main factor leading to the decision.

Bo List is the Director and Founder of Athens West Theatre Company. List said he, an associate producer and Athens West’s production manager all had full-time lives and jobs outside of the theatre company.

“We did Athens West on the side. And we always knew that wasn't sustainable in the long run. And we did our best to raise the money and the energy we needed to change that. We're on a good path until the pandemic hit,” said List.

List added there is a big appetite for good storytelling in the central Kentucky community. List said a professional theatre is certainly possible in Lexington.

“I've always grimaced at when people have said that it's impossible, why are we even bothering? I think it's absolutely possible, even though we've had our shot, and it did not work out the way that we had hoped,” said List.

He said any company that wants to survive in the long run will need a lot of money up front, then even more money to grow.

Finally, List said that AthensWest is ending their run on a good note, and he is proud of their 17 live productions over the years.

You can hear more from the AthensWest Founder during Eastern Standard, Thursday on 88.9 WEKU.

Samantha was a reporter and All Things Considered Host from 2019 to 2023. Sam is also a graduate of Morehead State University and worked for MSU's Public Radio Station.
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