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Today's Interview: Madison County moves toward all-wet status this summer

Madison County Courthouse
Stu Johnson
Madison County Courthouse

By the end of summer, alcohol sales in Madison County could reach well beyond the city limits of Richmond and Berea. That message came in pretty clearly on Tuesday.

Just over two-thirds of those voting in the Madison County Primary backed making the entire county wet. Alcohol sales could be found in more rural restaurants and new package liquor stores. Wesley Browne is a co-owner of Apollo Pizza. He envisions new sales options at various locations.

“Places like Waco, there’s people with plans. Big Hill, there’s folks with plans. Out in Posey there’s folks with some plans going. Dreaming Creek Brewery has long wanted to put a location in Berea,” said Browne.

Browne said a “moist” designation in Berea prevented such a brewery, but this opens the door to that possibility. Browne said he has significant renovation plans for Apollo Pizza at Little Sack.

Voters easily approved the expansion of sales beyond Richmond and Berea. Still, there were almost 48 hundred people casting a no vote. Tates Creek Baptist Association’s Danny Davis said voters spoke, but there still can be concerns.

“I don’t always like every law that is passed, but we live under the rule of law…we have to respect that.” Obviously in my role, I do have concerns about the effect of alcohol consumption as well as other substances can have…the detrimental effect it can have,” said Davis.

Madison Deputy County Judge Jill Williams said a certain quota of package liquor licenses will be available, based on the county’s population.

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