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Fayette Health Department Official Says Coronavirus In Lexington Is Not Slowing Down

Fayette County Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall says coronavirus activity in the Lexington area is not slowing down.

Hall says so far in September the daily average of COVID-19 cases has exceeded 100. “It is everywhere in Lexington.  It is not just in one place.  This is not a University of Kentucky issue only.  This is not an issue that is only affecting college students or long term care facilities,” said Hall.

Hall said, if anything, the coronavirus numbers could go up in the coming days.  He said that’s based on activities around the Labor Day holiday including the Kentucky Derby where social gatherings occurred. 

Hall noted local health officials have confidence in state guidance on the matter. “In Lexington, we are following the state’s lead on this.  Whether it’s a requirement, a mandate, a suggestion we follow what they are putting out there and support what they’re putting out there, trying to protect the people of Kentucky which includes, obviously all of Lexington,” noted Hall.

When it comes to prevention, Hall offers the standard advice; wear masks, stay 6 feet apart from those not in your household, and wash your hands.

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