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Governor Applauds Eastern Kentucky For Its Response To Coronavirus

Governor Beshear has said, on numerous occasions, that he believes coronavirus is in every county across the Commonwealth.  But, there are seven counties where no confirmed COVID 19 cases are listed.  Those are generally in the eastern portion of Kentucky. 

And, during his nightly briefing Monday, Beshear made note of eastern Kentucky when talking about mask use. “We’re seeing, perhaps the best compliance anywhere in eastern Kentucky.  Folks want to protect their neighbors, care about each other whether it’s at the hardware store or anywhere else.  We saw county judges and mayors enacting some of the earliest, even though there weren’t a lot of cases or sometimes even any cases there,” said Beshear.

Although a number of Kentucky businesses are reopening or moving toward a restart of operation, Governor Beshear is still urging citizens 60 and over and those with health conditions to stay home.  The governor said now is not the time for everyone to become active in public.  “This is one of the most challenging parts of reopening that the world and this virus is still dangerous, if you’re in that group over sixty or with heart, lung, or kidney disease.  It’s still very dangerous,” explained Beshear.

Beshear urged employers to work with employees who are in this category and not use an unpaid leave approach. 

Asked about outdoor summertime weddings, the governor said that type of ceremony is possible, as long as social distancing and group limits of ten are met until July, at which time the number goes up to 50.?

The governor reported 141 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday and another 105 on Monday.  Both Beshear and State Public Health Commissioner Steven Stack spoke about a ten year old child on a ventilator battling a rare inflammatory response to the virus.  Governor Beshear also announced seven deaths over the weekend.

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