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Lexington Council Committee Forwards Parking Restrictions for Fire Safety


Lexington leaders are considering ways to help ensure fire trucks and ambulances don’t encounter any parked car delays in getting to those in need.  

Council members heard Tuesday about a proposal to limit some neighborhood parking to one side of the street.

If given final approval, signs prohibiting parking on one side of the road would be posted on newly-constructed streets that are less than 30 feet wide.  Chris Sweat is an assistant chief in the fire department.

“Streets that are less than 30 feet wide, parking restricted on one side right off the bat, so nobody gets upset,” said Sweat.  “The residents know coming in.”

Lexington Home Builders Association Vice President Todd Johnson says builders are not opposed to safety measures, but the change could affect buying habits.

“One of the concerns we had as well was the desirability of that house on that non parking side in terms of the consumer.  That is going to be a negative on buying on that side of the street,” noted Johnson.

Under the committee-approved proposal, there would be no change for existing streets.  Residents in those neighborhoods can already petition for parking restrictions. 

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