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International Salvation Army Leader Visits Asbury

The international leader of the Salvation Army made a stop in central Kentucky.  General Brian Peddle recently visited Asbury University which has strong ties to the charitable religious organization.

The Wilmore school said more Salvation Army officers have graduated from Asbury than any other university. Peddle saidthe challenges facing his organization include financing the mission and having committed personnel. “I think the other challenge is the difficulty that’s coming, emerging of a new era of the persecuted church,” noted Peddle.

Peddle said his role is to give international leadership to the Salvation Army’s spiritual and temporal footprint in 131 countries.   

Peddle said more than half of the countries the Salvation Army serves are not “particularly favorable towards Christian faith and practice.”

Asbury President Kevin Brown said the private school offers continuing education for Salvation Army officers while it also catches the eye of many other students.  “We train students to be officers as the Salvation Army’s a very natural outlet for them to go into upon leaving Asbury,” Brown said.  

The 15th international leader of the Salvation Army was General Paul Rader, a 1956 graduate of Asbury and president of the school from 2000 to 2006.  The university said Asbury has the only on-campus Salvation Army Student Center in the United States.   

Peddle spoke with WEKU Stu Johnson during his visit to Asbury:

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