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Lexington Resolution On Landfill Heads To Frankfort

Stu Johnson

The Lexington City Council is sending a resolution to Frankfort, expressing support for expansion and continued permitting of the Central Kentucky Landfill.  But, it’s not unanimously supported. 

Four members including Council Member Susan Lamb voted no Thursday night. “I think that we have to be careful about how we inflict our opinions on other county’s waste management plans,” said Lamb. 

Lamb had initially sought to have her name removed from the resolution.  Council Member Josh McCurn brought forth the resolution.  He said it’s important to protect Fayette County residents’ interests. 

Two Scott County officials including the county judge came before a Council committee this spring urging Lexington officials not to pass such a resolution.  They said state officials had agreed with their plans to shut down the landfill later this year. 

If it closes, McCurn says Waste Services of the Bluegrass must find another landfill.    “The closest landfill that it would probably go to is either Morehead, likely to go to Morehead,” explained McCurn. 

The resolution now goes to state officials.  McCurn said it’s hard to predict what impact it might have regarding the future of the Central Kentucky Landfill.  

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